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    Post SOS! What is the standard form of Certificate of Graduation in your country?

    I want to find out the standard or acceptable formula for the statement on your cerfiticate of graduation, I know this is not something I can cook from Chinese directly.

    Anyone can write something as following clues:( Here next are some pieces of information about the Chinese version)

    Certificate of Graduation

    XXX(NAME) studied at XXX ( THE DEPARTMENT AND UNIVERSITY NAME) from XXX to XXX( Studying session)

    he is up to grade to complete the course.


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    And here next I need to write and AD for group-renting

    Clues: someone who is going to find a roommate, a grad student or a professor to carry a two-bedroom apartment

    275 usd per month

    Location: XXX

    Anyone wants to rent please contact : xxx (Number: xxxx)

    Could you please write a short one with standard form or give me a link for the examples? Thanks!

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    Re: SOS! What is the standard form of Certificate of Graduation in your country?

    There are various different formats used:
    degree certificate - Google Image Search

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