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Thread: by the time

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    by the time

    what does this connector by the time mean?

    and give an example

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    Re: by the time

    Quote Originally Posted by sara98 View Post
    what does this connector by the time mean?

    and give an example
    By the time I get to Phoenix, you'll be rising (old song).

    It means "sometime before we reach that point in time" an action will happen.

    I want you to have your room cleaned by the time I get home.

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    Smile Which Teacher can help me to correct it?

    What are your opinions about the advantages and disadvantages of fast food?

    The fast food was an invention in 20th century. Because of it convenience, it became acceptable rapidly globally as soon as it debuted, especially among young group and kids. Of the fast foods, McDonald and KFC are very popular among us. As the improvement of peopleís standard of living, people paid the increasing attention to their health. The fast food is popular with consumers with its advantages and commercially successful in most modern societies, but it is also often criticized for having the following shortcomings.

    The advantages are that it is easy to get. For young it can save much time for you so that you can study more or work more if your time is very limited and you need it urgently for the work performance or study improvement. The fast food has good taste so that you can enjoy it greatly. It is also attractive to young kids not only because of the good taste, but also because of the free toys that the company intends to stimulate and encourage kids to come back again frequently. They are very happy to visit the places guided by parents.

    The disadvantages are that the food security is very important factor, which has already caused much debate about the fast food globally, many popular fast-food menu items are unhealthy, and excessive consumption can lead to obesity. As we know that, the chicken was raised by adding growth hormones in chickenís food that is very bad for the kidsí growth. The oil used to boiling French chips is also very bad for the health because the repeatedly heating. Exploitative advertising and marketing are used, especially directed at children (which can have an adverse effect on their eating habits and health). It causes environmental damage through excessive packaging and clearing forests for animal rearing. In China , the economic situation was also a serious problem for many families in which their kids like to have fast food. Often visiting the fast food restaurants will ultimately exacerbate the already not good economic situation of the families. It reduces the diversity of local cuisines.

    For the sake of our health and the environment people share on earth commonly, we should quit taking the fast food. In the long run, it is greatly significant for the society development.

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