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  1. SaraItaly

    help for my dissertation - advertising aimed at women

    Hello everyone,
    I'm Sara, I'm an Italian university student and I'm currently working on my final dissertation about advertising aimed at women (in English).
    I was wondering if you could give me a hand...
    I've already written loads of stuff about the language used basically to re-inforce stereotypes such as the beautiful (and thin) woman and the woman as object.
    Now I should write about the housewife/perfect mother role but I don't know where to start, from a linguistic point of view.
    Any suggestions?
    Any headlines you've come across that suggest that the kitchen is the woman's paradise (or shall I say, hell?!)?
    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: help for my dissertation - advertising aimed at women

    The term "Soccer Mom" is popular in North America now to describe a wife and mother who doesn't work outside of the home. She spends her days taking care of the house and driving her children around to their various school activities (not always soccer). "Soccer Mom" implies that the family is affluent, because they only have one income (Dad's), but yet they have a large SUV or mini-van and can afford to enroll their kids in all sorts of extra-curricular activities. Advertisers take advantage of this by running Mother-oriented commercials during daytime hours (when Soccer Moms are at home) on cable TV channels that specialize in Home and Gardens and Lifestyle-type topics.

    Some additional info:

    Suave's message to moms connects -

    Spot Runner : Success Stories

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