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    Grammar Teaching Approaches

    Hello, I am studyin Elt and i am preparing a paper about the Grammar Teaching Approaches. First of all I know that there are two main approaches to teaching grammar. These are the deductive and the inductive approach.
    -A deductive approach is when the rule is presented and the language is produced based on the rule.(The teacher gives the rule)
    -An inductive approach is when the rule is inferred through some form of guided discovery.(The teacher gives the students a means to discover the rule for themselves)

    My question is about PPP ( presentation, practice and production) and EEE (Exploration, explanation, expression). Which one belongs to deductive approach and which one to inductive approach? And which one is better or more popular?

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    Re: Grammar Teaching Approaches

    PPP- it starts with presentation, so it's deductive.

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    Re: Grammar Teaching Approaches

    Some of the authorities say the Presentation part of the "3Ps" is 90% teacher talk. It is most often a grammatical explanation (deductive) at a board (chalk). It is often associated with the Audio-Lingual Method (Listen and Repeat--Change--Listen and Repeat) Armies use this (and they probably always will). I suppose the fate of this form, outside the walls military academies, is likely to resemble that of the dinosaurs.

    EEE could be a presentation of spoken/written examples pointing at a particular grammatical element. For example, a teacher may use pictures with the present progressive while modeling sentences and encouraging students to discover the underlying form (inductive). Students "formulate" the rules.
    Explanation is given after the fact. Then Expression or Production... or Activation. See this: Sysoyev - Integrative L2 Grammar Teaching: Exploration, Explanation and Expression (I-TESL-J)

    Another acronym floating around out there is ESA- Engage, Study, Activate. This may be somewhere between PPP and EEE. The "Study" aspect seems to mean "anything that works." Perhaps this is most realistic. Get to know your students. Experiment. Use what works. (GEU?) However you want to spell it out, it's a big task to tailor a method to suit everyone.

    In many cases PPP will bore the students to death and, unfortunately, in some cases EEE can be asking too much of the student (formulate rules and remember phrases). Most students will just ask, "Isn't that present progressive...why didn't you just say it?" EEE looks great on paper though.

    My vote:
    Most popular: EEE
    Better: Up to each student

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