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    A request

    Please tell me about "using(speakig) English in classes"

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    Smile Re: A request

    I speak English as much as possible in class. The students should try to understand what I am saying. I mostly explain grammar in the student's native language. The students themselves should also try to speak as much English as possible in class. Even though it will not be 'the Queen's English' - it IS English!

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    Talking Re: A request


    Two phrases I read in your post and do not agree with are "should try." This implies a non pleasant obligation and a weak attempt. What about empowering students and motivating them to use the language. Visual back-up is essential to convey the meaning instead of just talking and talking... that produces an enormous pressure on students.

    We are also talking about two different things: grammar and communication. They donīt always have to be linked. Besides phocusing on form, present meaning in situations. I think that will motivate students to speak.

    Good luck!


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