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    piercing = earrings ?

    Dear Teachers,

    A. My friend, make peace at the moment. It’s not worth ripping a hole in your family to keep one earring in your ear.
    - Does “rip a hole” have a figurative meaning in this sentence?

    B. My friend, I can understand how your parents are stressed over the piercing.
    - “piercing” is slang and the same meaning as “earrings”, right?

    Thanks a million


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    Re: piercing = earrings ?

    Yes, in the first example "rip a hole" is used figuratively. One or more people in this person's family doesn't want him to wear an earring, and his defiance is causing the family members to take sides and disagree with each other.

    "Piercing" is the actual puncturing of the skin to make a hole for an earring to go through. People can have their ears pierced, as well as their tongues, eyebrows, cheeks, and other bodily parts.


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