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    Talking Little story "Two men"

    Hi, everybody!

    Here we go.

    Two men.

    He opened the door. Passed through a doorway and looked around. About what did he think in that moment? Hmm, I do not know. May be, he just thought about his businesses, about that strange tall man in the full bus, who had not made excuse. May be, he thought about nothing. Can man not to think? At all? Flour on the little bout in the big flood river. Until, Niagara Fall meets him and sings to him in high voice. Hello! Hello! Is it me you looking for?

    He sighted slowly, looking around. It was a small room with dark-dark walls and big-big table was there. And on the table there was one million bucks. No, no, no! There was no bucks. But he wanted them to be there. He really wanted. Each cell of his body really wanted, especially brains ones. So they began think. Did they think before? Before poor body came in the room? I don’t know, the story does not tell us about it.

    Suddenly, the second man came in the dark-dark room. Who was he? Well, I don’t know. He was just a man, ordinary man like the first one. Their eyes met. Then they look at each other for several minutes. Still, there was no money on the table. First man had already known, but second had not. So he looked at the table and what did he see there? Absolutely nothing. He sighted slowly. What did he feel in that moment? I don’t know. May be he wanted to find on the table one million bucks? No, happiness. But isn’t it the same thinks? No, not the same things. Ok, but equal? May be. The second man wanted to be happy even all the world would become for it unhappy.

    The first man’s mind visited an idea that there was no money and would never be. The second man understood everything: no happiness in this room. He became angry, draw out an old very rare gun and shoot the first man. During that time first man draw out identical gun and fired back. Both man were killed. On the second day one newspaper announced, that two men were killed by sweet twin and police try to find out him and her.
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    Re: Little story "Two men"

    i like your little story. Do you write it? It's very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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