what does the underlined parts mean exactly?

1. Among nonhumans, males( animals or insects) put on " courtship tiruals.':

2.Female bowerbirds choose males who design the most beautiful nests and put on the best dance.

In addition, the following sentences (hich is about the evidenf of romance in most cultures and in many species) whose meaing is not clear to me. Please help me to get it. Thanks in advance.

3.In some countries, matchmakers make most of the contact between families with unmarried men and woman, romance still finds way to fit into the age-old fashion.

4.Deear antlers are branched so that the will not normally cause a seious would during mating battled. The branches only allow the antlers to go to a certain distance betore they get caught on each other and stop the deer. ( if possible, could you please paraphrase this one?
Thanks again!!!!!!