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Thread: wish or hope?

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    wish or hope?

    I remember asking you similar questions, but still confusing. Can anybody help me to distinguish the differnce between wish and hope in terms of meaning and form?for example, which one soulds better?

    1. I wish I were able to speak English fluently or
    2. I hope to be able to speak English fluently

    another example,

    1. I wish he askes me out or
    2. I hope he to ask me out .

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    Re: wish or hope?

    1 This means that you can't speak it fluently, but would like to. It doesn't imply that you are doing anything about it, though.
    2 This means that you are doing something about your English and desire to see good results

    1 I wish he would ask me out= I am sure he won't
    2 I hope he will ask me out = there's a chance

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