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    Unhappy Please tell me I didn't dream it!

    Some time ago I found a site which enabled teachers to set up "homework" assignments with their students, in which the students had to log on, find their assignment, do it, and then log out again.

    One of the great features of this site was that you could enter web addresses and send the students to read articles, and the browser provided would automatically translate words if they were moused over and/or right-clicked.

    Also, the site kept track of which assignments were done, how many in the "class" had completed their work, and so on.

    Does anyone out there know the site I'm talking about? My computer was wiped out and I lost the address of the site in question. Help!!!

    Any information would be greatly appreciated!


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    Re: Please tell me I didn't dream it!


    I have no idea what the site is, but would love to find out! sounds great...let me know if you find it!

    Good luck!!!

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    Re: Please tell me I didn't dream it!

    hi kjoyhudson, the site which you describe seems to be a real dream .I search for homework and assignment as i make a research about it , i found many sites , i will write them to you and i hope to find this site between them or at least find a key that may lead you to this site.

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    Re: Please tell me I didn't dream it!

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