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Thread: See Fit

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    See Fit

    Dear Teachers,

    A. You wanna ground him? maybe for little kids but this boy want to be treated like an adult, punish him as you see fit.
    - "as you see fit" means "as you think it's right", right?

    B. "What's up?" has two meanings: "Hi or hello" and "what's going on?". So I want to know when it has this meaning and when it has that meaning.

    Thanks a million


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    Re: See Fit

    A. Yes, that's what it means.

    B. Questions like, "What's up?" "How's it going?" or "What's going on?" are general greetings like "Hi," or "Hello," and do not require an answer.

    Tom: (sees friend Joe) "Hey, dude. What's up?"

    Joe: (responding to Tom) "Yo, what's going on?"

    Tom: "How was your chemistry test?"

    Joe: "Dude, it was way easy."


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