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    Grammer confusion

    "To read is to be transported to another world". My grammar book says " to be transported to another world" is the object of is, but isn't it an adjective modifying the subject" to read" ? My book also says "to another world" is an adverb modifying transported, but "to be transported" is a noun. I"m confused. Can anyone enlighten me? :)

    Billy shook with fear. is "with fear" an adverb modifying shook? Is it also a prepositional pharse?

    Not all past participles have the word "have" before them. how do you know when to put the word "have" before a past participle? laid in "I laid the book on the bed" doesn't have the word "have" before it.

    Thanks so much!
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    Re: Grammer confusion

    1-- You have supplied no sentence.
    2-- Yes and yes.
    3-- Laid is simple past tense; have laid is present perfect tense. Use have with the past participle when forming present perfect verb forms.

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    Re: Grammer confusion

    opps sorry, I've edited my post.
    Thanks for your help

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