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    put romance in its place

    The following sentneces are about love and marriage and I would appreciate it if you could provide explanation for the red parts.

    1. As young adults, you will become the next victims unless you learn to put romance in its place.

    2. While I do believe there isn't a feeling that even comes close to being as exciting as being in love, I have seen too many coulples who based their decision to marry on their intense emotional attachment for each other, only to learn later that they were completely incompatible in every other way.

    2. She fell hard for Allen.

    3. She has Janet's romantic ideals, but she has learned to keep them in their place.

    4. being in love is wonderful, but people would be much better off if they could view it as the icing on the cake rather than as the basis for making a commitment to a relationship.

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    Re: put romance in its place

    1 Restrict/control it- not let it dominate
    2 Being in love is a much better feeling than anything else...they marry beause of emotional; bonds and not on the more practical ones...they are emotionally involved, but don't get on in all other areas of life
    2b Fell very much in love
    3 She has romantic values, but has them under control
    4 being in love should not not the basis for commitment, but an added extra

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