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    in / at

    Dear Teacher

    The children were enjoying the shows in / at the circus.

    Which preposition should be used in the above sentence, 'in' or 'at'?

    Thank you very much.

    With best wishes

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    Re: in / at

    waiting for the answers,
    The children were enjoying the shows performed by the circus.
    Is this sentence right?

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    Re: in / at

    Hi kohyoongliat
    I'd say 'at the circus'.
    I'd use 'in' with 'circus tent', for example.
    Hi wuwei
    Saying "performed by the circus" is not really logical to me because a circus doesn't perform. It's the people (and animals) who work at the circus who perform.

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    Re: in / at

    Thanks, Philly
    But how can I be more clear that in which I can use the word directly, for example, the committee decided to cancel the test, in this sentence committee is just a collective noun, but we can use it with the verbs directly, the circus in Chinese is also a collective noun, it means the people and animals who work at the circus, How can i distinguish it?


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