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    I love my native language...English and the words it uses. But now I must face the my horror that it is also comprised of...synonyms! I now aquaint and relate dialects to synonyms. I now understand the general meaning of a word...but which word will the reader accept as a word they can relate to? To ask the question, which group within the group do I address with there meaning of the synonym I used?

    I love the standard or general idoms and as a armchair writer agonize over the correct word to use in that sentence. The word grandiose of the word...perfect... comes to mind. But it seems that I am slowly grasping structure in a sentence, now if I could outline the sentences structurally within the paragraph I might have a fighting chance to communicate with my fellow man and women. I love this forum for there patiences and wisdom.

    You will never know how appreciative I am because of all of you and your knowledge and love for the language called...English. Paul/pljames

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    Re: Dialects and language

    Very often, words are not exact synonyms, so their is often a choice, which varies according to context.

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