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    i want some examples of comprehension

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    Re: comprehension

    For the most part, however, the new version is contemporary and, as such, should be the means for many to attain a clearer comprehension of the meaning of those words recorded so many hundreds of years ago by the first followers of Christ.

    It was expected that the comparison of different approaches to ethics would produce a better grasp of each other's positions and better comprehension of one's own.

    Mrs Reavey's work is written for the stage- it is mentioned for an off-Broadway production in the fall- and, in addition, employs an avant-garde structure that particularly needs to be seen if comprehension is to be encouraged.

    After all, the average American as he lies and waits for the enemy in Korea or as she scans the newspaper in some vain hope of personal contact with the front is unconcerned that his or her plight is the result of a complex of personal, economic and governmental actions far beyond the normal citizen's comprehension and control.

    He had no apparent comprehension of morality; he divided humanity into "right guys" and "wrong guys", and the wrong ones he was always willing to kill and trample under.

    In spite of the dreams of the host for oneness in the group, the **f incoming messages for each guest overload his receiving system beyond comprehension if N exceeds about six.

    Analysis means the evaluation of subparts, the comparative ratings of parts, the comprehension of the meaning of isolated elements.

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