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    Silly question to some ....

    but I get very mixed up when writing were and where and agonise over the choice for ages, can anyone give me a simole formula and or examples of their proper use. first timer so be gentle with me

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    Re: Silly question to some ....

    were is the plural past tense of 'to be' you would use it in any place that you use 'are' when you are in the present tense.

    eg. We were late for the meeting.

    Where is a preposition, denoting a position.

    eg. I can show you where my house is on a map.
    eg. Where is my pen?

    Now we can put them togethor:

    present tense: "I don't know where we are!"
    past tense: "I didn't know where we were!"

    present tense: "Where are You now?"
    past tense: "Where were You last night?

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    Smile Re: Silly question to some ....

    WHERE relates to a place eg: The school WHERE I teach...

    WERE relates to the past tense of are eg: What WERE you doing?

    Don't worry, I have friends who are native speakerswho, because of their accent get confused between WHERE and WERE! Try to pronounce each differently so that the difference becomes clearer to you.

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    Re: Silly question to some ....

    Here is a trick for remembering which is which:

    The word where, like the word there has the word here inside of it. All of these words refer to location. here where and there

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