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    Arrow Grammar question

    For the following passage from a public exam paper:

    "However, one of the less-noticed effects of movement for greater accountability has been that children opportunities for free time and to interact with peers, ........ "

    the answer key says that the 2 errors in the passage is that we should add "the" in between "of movement" , and children should be changed to "children's".

    For the first error, is there any rules or grammatical rules for that ?( for the reason why we should add "the" ? ) (why it is compulsory to add that ?)

    Also for the second error, is there any rules for that ? (under what situation should we add 's ?)



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    Re: Grammar question

    The word movement, when it is used as the noun form of the verb to move does not require an article.

    "This millstone around my neck makes movement difficult."

    When the word movementis used to describe an organized effort toward a specific goal (or the working parts of a timepiece) we usually use an article.

    "The movement for higher educational standards" "The civil rights movement" "There is a movement in favor of replacing our old flag with a new one."

    When a noun is used as an adjective of ownership, we use the possessive 's.

    "the children's opportunities" "the car's tires" "the city's sidewalks" "people's rights"

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