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    When to Use "to"?

    Hi i'm Danilo Santos,i'm from Brazil ,and study english for half year ,i think,but i have a litlle doubt that it drive me crazy,When i can use the auxiliar "to" in the verbs for ezample:"Can i say?"..."i want to say!"..please help me hehe.

    Best Regards.

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    Question Re: When to Use "to"?

    to is basically used to mention your purpose.suppose i went to purchase a car

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    Re: When to Use "to"?

    Hi, Danilo,
    Welcome to the forum.
    You can't use the particle to after modal verbs can, must, should, may, make:
    We must have a rest.
    You should be careful.
    She may come for Christmas.
    Don't make him cry.
    Otherwise the infinitive is used with the particle:
    They decided to move to London.
    She came to congratulate you.

    Best wishes.

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