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    still having problem

    Dear sir,
    How are you doing over there? How is your entire crew doing?
    my vote of thanks goes to you and your entire staff. As you know, i am a beginner and i do not know much about this system-how to operate it properly. Whenever i send a posted message, it seems there is always a problem. I always don't have a reply of my posted messages.How can i solve this excruciating problem? how can i get an immediate reply of my posted messages?
    thanks alot.
    yours sincerely,
    mohammed shittu.

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    Re: still having problem

    Please don't repeat post things. If you haven't got a reply, then open the thread, choose Threa Tools and in there, there's an option 'Bump Thread', which will bring it to the top. There is no guarantee of an immdeiate reply as people answer voluntarily, so they answer when they have free time. Posts will get answered, but it may take a few hours.

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