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    Question How to write a sentence as an Inversion?

    Hi everyone,

    I have a lot of questions about the Engilsh language.
    I am a F.7 student who studying in a Hong Kong secondary school. My teacher told me that, using inersion in our composition is a very useful skill to make our articles better. However, until now, I don't really know what inversion is. So, I hope all of you can teach me some basic, useful and simple ones and also the basic instruction of it. Thank you!

    And is it really important or common in the daily life? How can we avoid some grammatical mistacks when we use it?

    How can I write a better essay? As we have to write about 500 words within 1 hour and 15mins. I always do overtime. How can I improve this problem????

    Sorry, I' ve asked so many stupid questions. But I hope you can help me ! Thank you~~~

    p.s. If I have made any grammatical mistakes, please tell me. I will try to learn and improve it. ^^

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    Re: How to write a sentence as an Inversion?

    Inversion is sometimes used for emphasis:

    Normal -We knew very little about that horrible man.
    Inverted, stronger - Little did we know about that horrible man.

    Inversion is used in sentences that begin with Here, there, not a, many a, no sooner, in vain, hardly, rarely and some others.


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