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    Question How

    Hello, everybody!
    How was your Christmas?

    I have a question about exclamations.
    I had a discussion with my friends about these sentences below.

    1)How wonderful we can celebrate the New Year's Day together with family!

    2) How woderful for us to be able to celebrate the .....

    3) How wonderful it is that we can celebrate the....

    I don't think 1) is correct, however, my friend says these 3 are all correct.

    If you ask me why 1) is incorrect, I can't explain well... that's also the problem.

    Can somebody help me out here?


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    Re: How

    Yes, even 1's OK, but there's an implicit that in it:

    How wonderful [it is that] we can celebrate the New Year's Day together with family!

    The celebrate is still in a subordinate clause (even though it seems at first that there's no other verb in the sentence).

    Another interpretation is that there's enough of a pause to make two separate sentences (the first being just an exclamation):

    How wonderful! We can celebrate the New Year's Day together with family.

    Either way, the register is pretty informal - usually (always?) spoken.


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    Re: How

    Thanks, bobK.

    Now, I understand why it felt funny when I read the first sentence.
    For somebody who is learning English as the second language, it is not alway easy to see it is alright to omit 'that' or hide 'it is that' and so on, if you know what I mean...

    Also, I started to think I need to get used to grammatical terms, such as subordinate clauses, etc. to understand people's explanations better.

    There is no short cut to learn any language, is there?
    Well, I guess I keep learning.

    Thanks again, bob K.
    I really appreciate your reply!

    Have a good day!



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