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    without a collarbone

    Hello! Thanks in advance for your help

    I got the below sentence from the drama series "Sex and the City."
    Only a fireman without a collarbone could rescue me

    Could you explain what it means by "without a collarbone"?
    I know the literal meaning of the word "collarbone" but I don't understand what it was used in the sentence.

    Thank you :)

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    Re: without a collarbone

    The character who spoke that line felt very sad and depressed at the time, as if she were trapped in a very deep, narrow hole. She was joking that the hole was so deep that only a fireman without a collarbone could rescue her.

    Cats do not have collarbones, which is what enables them to squeeze into the very narrowest of places, and into tiny openings we'd think it impossible for them to get into. Firemen, of course, are known for their ability to get trapped people out of tricky situations.

    (I hope that explanation made some sense. )


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