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    How do I get started teaching online?

    Hi everyone,

    I have been teaching ESL for about 5 years around Asia. I now want to teach part-time online so that I can travel and concentrate on other aspects of my life. Does anyone know how I go about doing this? I met a teacher several years ago who used to teach online to Japanese students using a webcam & microphone. I would appreciate any information given on teaching online in regards to the following; how do I find students; how do I build a curriculum suited to online learning; are there dedicated websites that can support this method of teaching and how do I set up payment plans from students etc...
    Thank you,


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    Re: How do I get started teaching online?

    There are some sites that are for teachers to get students. Try here for a few links:
    Other teachers have set up there own sites, try here for some links:
    I have no idea how successful they are in getting students. If it's not possible to get students through one of the sites in the first link, then it might be worth looking into advertising like Google ads or other similar systems or web advertising; I see a fair few such adverts around, so I assume there must be some return on them.

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