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    ELT and TRanscibe

    I have doubt with my assignment about recording and transcribing. I am curiouse I would like how is this important to ELT. I mean I can't find myself with the answer...... and the way to explain Turn taking...

    I have done some reading ... for turn taking I think because there is a question that's why there is an answer like

    How are you?
    I'm fine

    but this is adjacency pair or turn preference..

    My teaching recommend me to strict with turntaking not adjacency or turn prefernce..

    the profite of this data to ELT. Can someone and teachers recommend me?

    Second, how to reference from online source in assigment ( not the one in refernece part)

    for example when reference with book xxxxxxxxxxx (Crystal D, 2000).... but how about online source waht should it be

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    Re: ELT and TRanscibe

    Who are you talking about recording and transcribing?

    How are you?
    I'm fine.

    This is an adjacency pair- the question requires the answer: What is an adjacency pair?
    However, they are also turns because one person speaks and then the other- an adjacency pair is a kind of turn.


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