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  1. burcu

    Red face could u help me pls?

    hi.. im burcu from turkey and im a learner of eng. naturally, i study it a lot and i come across some profound idioms. here an idiom that i cant understand what it means.

    guard it with your life

    does it mean take very much care of it or prevent it even if u lose your life ?

    pls answer me. thx...

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    Re: could u help me pls?

    'Guard it with your life' is used when you want to impress or imply the importance of keeping something safe, such as 'He was given the only copy of the sales figures for the meeting and told to guard them with his life.

    It does not literally mean to sacrifice your life but to take great care as if your life depended on it.

    Of course a bodyguard to a head of state might be required to lay down his life to protect him from assasination (and often does)

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    Wink Re: could u help me pls?

    thx for the answer ...


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