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    Question a litte sharing

    Dear Friends over the world,
    Today, i would like to share some of my feelings about languages, especially for English
    I love studying English, but there are some limitations that i really want to overcome.
    I live in a country where people don't use English very often. Not many places to practice English. The people know the importance of English. They learn it more and more.
    I graduated a B.A, but i know my knowlege is still unadequate. In fact, i am a teacher for beginners.
    In my country, people don't care of their real ability, but their qualifications
    I have 12 years for English, but the real time is only 4 years.
    I am really worried of my knowlege when i teach my students, there are a lot of things, easy things, some of which i have forgotten, some i haven't care of and some i have no experience in
    When i knew this site, i'm so happy, because i have someone to ask when i am confused, but i don't have time to be online everyday. And some tests are so long that i can't type here.
    Could someone calm me and show me the best way to overcome my confusion.

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    Re: a litte sharing


    Your students are very lucky to have you as their teacher. Just know that we are here when you need us.

    Did you know?
    The pronoun I is always a capital. There isn't a lowercase subject pronoun i.

    All the best.

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    Re: a litte sharing

    Thanks for your quick replies

    i feel better. Yes, my students love me very much and i don't want they to be disappointed with my little mistakes.

    I know "I" should be a capital, but i get used to writing in that way, It's fast : )

    Well, more things need to be reviewed. When i'm in trouble, i will write to you

    Thank you very much indeed.


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    Re: a litte sharing

    You're most welcome, Kitten.

    ...and I don't want them to be disappointed...

    All the best.


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