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    Quote Originally Posted by RonBee
    Assume that I am a Chinese citizen. If I were to criticize the government and do so publicly would I be subject to arrest? What if I advocated "regime change" in China?

    Do they ever talk about the demonstrations in Tianamen Square in Beijing in June of 1989 and the government's reaction to them? As I recall, the students had carved a replica of the Statue of Liberty. It was a symbol that I believe spoke volumes about their aspirations.
    Since 1989, the CPP has taken over all of media. So the only way you could 'criticize the government publicly' is to go to a public place, like a square, speaking out against the regime, handing out handbills to passers-by, and then there must be police comes for you. The arrest thing is inevitable, however, 'how long' is something that depends.

    The middle school history books contain the demonstrations in Tianamen Square with only one single sentence. That is like, 'In 1989, some political issues happened. The party took determined actions to 'stop' it', without any details. I use 'stop' here, because I can't come up with any other word that I think would be suitable. The Chinese word they use there is none of intensity, I mean, it is not like 'crack down', 'suppress'. By the way, it was after June, 1989 that college students have to take the 'political classes'. The June, 1989 thing is still a 'forbidden zone' to talk about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tdol
    Taiwan'soffical status is not that of an independent country- here in London, they have a Cultural Attache rather than an Anbassador.
    It is similar here (USA) in that they are not recognized as an independent country. However, they have their own government and they elect their own leaders. The recognition thing is about politics. (People don't want to anger the PRC.) I believe that nevertheless Taiwan is an independent country. What else would you call it?


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