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    Unhappy Principles of Literary Criticism

    My name is Jacqueline and im working on a english ISU and it is about I.A. richards Principles of LIterary Criticism. I am having alot of troubles trying to figure out exactly what his theory is and i really need to know this in order for me to compare this theory to the book A prayer for OWen Meany by Irving. I was just wondering if anyone could help me to understand this theory or give me some sites or references to help me to understand this.
    thanks alot!

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    Re: Principles of Literary Criticism

    109 for 0, Jacqueline!!

    I. A. Richards is not himself a theory. Things like poststructuralism and feminism are currents of literary theory. I think that Richards was of the New Critics. The point is that you seem to have the stick by the wrong end: identify the current; then learn its characteristics; and by that time you will have moved from explanatory texts to the seminal essays, which are written by people -- Saussure as lodestone of structuralism, for example.

    You don't compare a theory to a book. You use a text, book or otherwise, as material for the bringing to bear of the valules of a current of theory. For example, you might make a feminist analysis of (a reknowned sexist like) Freud.

    Don't you have course texts? Raman Selden? Abhrams's DIctionary of Terms, etc.?

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