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    Will someone please help me and make sure I did this right or tell me what I am doing wrong.
    The birth of the island of Surtsey was a violent event. First, a large, black cloud burst from the water. A rumbling sound came from under the ocean. The cloud grew to 12,000 feet high. Giant explosions spewed ash, dust, and hot rocks. A mountain rose from the water. A volcano in the ocean had erupted.
    1.Underline the topic sentence.
    2. What is the topic of the selection? The birth of the island of surtsey
    3. List 5 details that support the main topic.
    A. black cloud burst.
    B. rumbling sound
    C. cloud grew
    D. Giant Explosions
    E. Volcano Erupted

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    Re: Clustering

    I think #2 is incomplete- I'd get the idea of the birth being violent in it, which then helps connect with the details you give in #3. Otherwise, it's fine.


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