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    Hi to everybody,
    I have some questions about these words:
    1)"India is widely expected to further ease rules on foreign investment"
    2) widely =they expect to support (to further) more or a lot (widely) making the rules easier on foreign investment
    3) do you know an synonym for "it ranges from.shops... to hypermarkets"
    4) "the merger will create a potent force in the Indian market" = a strong influence maybe?
    thank you
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    Re: further

    1 widely- a lot of people (here, I think they would be analysts and others in the area more than the general public) expect
    2 further- they have aleady eased the rules a bit and will take more measures to make foreign investment easier
    3 includes/ goes from
    4 powerful force

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    Re: further

    About the further, is this a verb or not, I think it is an adjective the same as I say to better rules = to go to better rules and here in my context it means " to further easy rules = to more easy rules. Is it right?


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