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    a problem with verbs ^^

    I am a really new member of this web .^^.i have a small problem about grammar .So I hope you will help me ^^

    1. Sociologists have long recognized that social tension---
    (A) elements from group living
    (B) elements of a normal group life
    (C) living are a group of elements
    (D) are normal elements of group life
    i chose D as the answer .However ,i still dont know why the second verb is used with the plural form .In my opinions ,"are" should be changed into "is ".However ,this is an quote from a test ,and they confirmed that it is true ^^.So can you help me ?

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    Re: a problem with verbs ^^

    I think there might be a printing mistake in the test- 'social tensions' is probably what it should have said.

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