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    Post Pied Piper syndrome

    What does the expresiion "Pied Piper syndrome" mean in the following sentence, which is extracted from a newspaper editorial: " the Pied Piper syndrome has reached staggering levels in India, thanks to the country's police force, which, even as we speak, are stubbornly resisting every effort to bring greater efficiency and acoountability in their system. The National Human Rights Organisation's report states that as many as 45,000 children go missing in India every year. This is shocking even for a country that almost takes pride in being fatalistic. If anything, the report has bbrought to the fore the unpalatable truth that we simply don't care much about our own own children. "

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    Re: Pied Piper syndrome

    The reference is presumably to The Pied Piper of Hamelin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - the children were just led away and disappeared.

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