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    Result or consequence

    What's the difference of the meaning between result and consequence?

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    Re: Result or consequence

    "Result" and "consequence" are often synonyms, meaning that they mean the same thing. However, sometimes consequence has a negative connotation.
    Ex: "The mother asked the girl if she understood the consequences of her actions after she stole from the store."
    or "The consequences of floods are often devestating; buildings can have water in their basements which can be destructive."
    Result is more commonly used in describing what happened after an event, when describing the webpages a search engine found, etc.
    Ex: "The experiment's results came back positive."
    "When you search Google for "dog," there are many results."
    consequence - Definitions from
    I hope this helps!

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    Re: Result or consequence

    Rancer247, thank you very much. The key is negative connotation consequence has. I see

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