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    Proper use

    Whenever we ask one,one's score in the examinations we ask" how much?",and the reply is for instance: I got 72 marks.
    Much is generally used for quantitative measurements like wa say how much kg of sugar and not how many kg of sugar.In the example cited above the thing is same.any number[here 72] is not correct i feel.
    shouldn't the correct question be how many marks did you score?
    same is the case when we ask the shopkeeper for the bill we say "how much?" is this correct?
    waiting for the reply.
    thank you,

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    Re: Proper use

    How many kilos of sugar? (plural)
    How much sugar? (uncountable)

    How much did I get?- possible, though What's my score/how well did I do, etc sound more natural to me
    How many marks did I get?

    With money, we use 'how much'.

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