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    Question application and motivation letter


    I would like to find out about some issues.

    1- i have an idea about what should it be mentionned in a motivation letter and application one's. but really i couldn't understand the difference between them. i find a difficult to write a motivation letter but not an appalication one 's.

    2- concerning the CV, is it compulsory to transalate the "name" of the degree, i mean the certificat from french to english for sure while the CV is written in english?

    3- concernind the CV too, shoud i mention exactly the period of training (day, month and year)? I did many trainings in the some department and the some "hotel" some of its on the some year others not. how should i proceed?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    => should i did some grammar and vocabulary mistakes, please forgive that.

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    Re: application and motivation letter

    An application letter is simply a letter offering yourself for the position, while a motivation letter gives more details about why you would be prefect for the job- more about selling yourself.

    I would translate it so that they are clear what qualification you got.

    For shorter training, year and month(s) is enough in my opition.

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