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    I am currently having diffculty trying to put a name on an pronunciation mark.
    ex. - E'ire

    Problem with type set is that it puts ' to low on the letter.
    My question is what is the correct pronuncation of the mark ' as used in
    the english when you set it above a letter in order to accent it's sound.

    Many languages use this mark ' ex. Celtic as used in example above ,spanish and others.

    Please, any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Harry Jones

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    Re: help

    Have a look here.

    Diacritic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    You will need to look in your font library to find the correct version.

    you can download fonts here

    Foreign Language Characters, Diacriticals, Diacritics, Accent Marks, Computers, KeyBoard Help, kbh
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