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    Hello, my name is Carolina. I need some help with this word "Ought" I canīt use it because I donīt know how to pronounce that. I have heard songs, and sitcoms in which this word is used, but I canīt repeat the word with a good pronunciation, If you can give some tips in order to help me Iīll less confused than that

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Ought

    Hi Carolina,

    Here is a link to ought - sounds like pot without the 'p'

    ENGLISH PAGE - Ought to - Modal Verb Tutorial

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    Re: Ought

    Ought has a pure long vowel at the beginning - the vowel should be pronounced like the word 'or' without the r. Hope that helps.

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    Re: Ought

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    Re: Ought

    Quote Originally Posted by curmudgeon View Post
    Hi Carolina,
    sounds like pot without the 'p'

    Not in General American. In General American "pot" is [pɑʔ] and "ought" is [ɔʔ]. In dialects with the low back merger, such as the Western or North Central dialect, they both have the same vowel though.


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