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    Question drum, pink room

    Day 62 began with the sound of a 'bugle alarm' at 7 a.m. It was time to get ready for yet another hectic day. The housemates woke up and began spot jogging in the garden. Everybody was doing their morning drill when they found someone lying on the ground. Curiously they went near him. Rakhi wondered if it was Kashmeera. Roopali was quite relieved to find that it was not Kashmeera, but a dummy soldier. His name was Captain Rathod. He was wounded in the battle and needed first aid and a doctor. Bigg Boss ordered Roopali to take care of the soldier. She took him into the pink room and began dressing his wounds.
    Ravi is the new villain of the house: We caught Roopali and Amit bitching about Ravi in the pink room. Roopali is still irritated because Ravi behaved selfishly on New Year's eve (he used up all the talk time on the mobile phone Bigg Boss gave the housemates). Amit alleged that Ravi told him that he loved him more than his wife and children, which was the biggest lie he had ever heard. He never complemented anybody and beat his own drum. He always talked about being god fearing, but he bullied others. How mean!

    What is the meaning of `pink room', `dressing his wounds', `complemented', `drum'?
    Could anyone explain me?

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    Re: drum, pink room

    1 pink room- I think this just indicates the colour
    2 dress a wound- clean, put bandages, etc
    3 say nice things
    4 = boast, promote yourself

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