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    how to use always,usually

    Please tell me When & how to use usually,always,often,sometimes.

    Thank you

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    Re: how to use always,usually

    Quote Originally Posted by r_khele View Post
    Please tell me When & how to use usually,always,often,sometimes.

    Thank you
    These adverbs of frequency, as I'd call them, should be placed before main verbs and after auxiliaries, modal verbs and be:
    We usually have lunch at one.
    We don't often go out at weekends.
    We sometimes visit our in-laws.
    I have often seen him smoking outside his school.
    Matt is always late.
    One should always be realistic.


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    Smile Re: how to use always,usually


    We use these adverbs of frequency with present simple to determind the degree of habitual actions which clssified from 0 UP TO 100 .

    Their usage can vary accordingly . We always use them after A subject or A pronoun as:

    WE never drink tea without milk.
    We somtimes go shopping on saturday.
    We often watch movies.
    They usually discuss their progress with their manager.
    She always goes to school on foot.

    These can be used at the end of he sentences as

    WE go shopping on Saturday,sometimes.
    0nly " somtimes and usally can be used at the beginning of simle present sentences.




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