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Thread: spoken words

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    spoken words

    The following sentences are from an article " Basic advertising techniques" and I am not sure what the red parts indicate exactly. I would appreciate any suggestion you would provide.

    ..... of course, words, expecailly if they are spoken, can be very emotional (???)-they can bring memories that make you laugh or cry. However even though spoken words are ofen very emotional, we must first translate them.In other words, we do not see words as reality.(???????)

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    Re: spoken words

    It suggests that spoken words can be more moving than written ones (don't ask me why- it's their theory, not mine).
    Words are intangible, unlike the external word around us. The use of 'tranlaste' is a bit strange- I presume it means that we have to absorb them and 'tranlsate' them into something that we can respond too- associating them with the memories in the sentence earlier. The words themselves become emotional through this process.

    (The passage isn't terribly clear to me- I can't see why written words are less emotional, which is the implication of 'especially'.)

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