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    Irregular verbs and participles

    I am a homeschooling mom who is having difficulty making irregular verbs/participles clear to my daughter. She is just confused because usually it is obvious as it just sounds right, and yet at other times it doesn't look or sound correct (and yet our book says it is). Are there any rules to help with those times? Thank you.

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    Re: Irregular verbs and participles

    By their very nature, irregular verbs go against the rules. How old is your daughter? Sometimes, younger children make mistake that come from comparing verbs to other similar verbs, so an erroneous form like bring/brang/brung appears, from a comparison with ring/rang/rung, etc. Could you give us any examples of the verbs that don't sound right? If you click on any verb in our irregular verb list, you can see a list of other verbs that behave the same way, which might help with grouping them correctly:


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