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Thread: Types of tests

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    Post Types of tests

    Can you name a few types of (short) tests/ worksheets an ESL teacher can make?
    - Spelling Test;
    - Grammar Test;
    - Progress Test;

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    Re: Types of tests

    Comprehension test
    Listening test
    Vocabulary test

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    Re: Types of tests

    hi flowerpower32
    As I know there are two essential types of tests : Oral tests and Written tests. Oral tests are used to test speaking and listening skills . Written tests are used to test reading and writing skills. Of course each one of the previous skills contains sub-skills ,e.g . speaking skill has some sub-skills such as 1-word stress 2-sound patterns 3- the ability to distiguish between consonants and vowels. 4- Right pronunciation of words. and many sub-skills.
    What I want to say is that the main aim of any test is to measure those four skills either by oral test or written test or by making a mixture of the two in the same test.
    Thank you

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