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    yet vs. but

    I was wondering whether yet only can be used with the two comperatives "more" and "another"? Does "yet more/another...indicate annoyance or joy?

    "We have yet more snow this year."
    "We have more snow this winter."
    Any difference in the meaning?

    Also, can we use "yet” and "but” interchangeably in the following example? How about "although" and "nevertheless"

    1. a. He was a rookie, but/yet (he) won the US Open. (is „he” necessary?)
    b. Although rookie, he won the US Open.
    c. It was his first appearance at the US Open. Nevertheless, he won it.

    2. a. He's wealthy yet/but (he) seems unhappy. (is "he" necessary)
    b. He is wealthy yet/but (he is) unhappy.

    3. a. He is a villain yet/but (he)has some virtues.
    b. Although he is a villain he has some virtues.

    4. By the day we were tired but/yet happy.
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    Re: yet vs. but

    1 You could replace 'nevertheless' with 'yet', but not 'although'.
    2 Both are fine and you can omit the words in brackets.
    3 & 4- Fine


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