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    Quote Originally Posted by RonBee
    Quote Originally Posted by MikeNewYork
    Quote Originally Posted by RonBee
    One might hear someone say He wanted to do it so bad, which means the person wanted very much to do the thing. Grammarians might say that that usage is incorrect, but apparently nobody is listening to those grammarians.

    It is apparent that some are not listening to those grammarians.



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    Re: Correct English-urgent request to correct sentences

    im just confused when to use have have, have has or have had in a sentence. please help, thanks in advance

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    only to confirm that they are correct.

    1. Is it better to have money for a rainy day or spend it all?
    2. Should millionaires keep all their money or donate it to charity?
    3. Should family sizes be restricted, or should everyone have as many children as they want?
    4. Should murderers and terrorists be put in prison for life or executed?
    5. Should cars be banned for driving in city centres or should there be no restrictions?
    6. Should shops be open 24-hours a day 7 days a week?
    7. Should every home have a computer?
    8. Are people less polite and considerate than they used to be?
    9. Were the good old days better than the present day?
    10. What is the best way to prevent crime?
    11. Is money the root of all evil, or is it a blessing?
    12. Could you tell me whether your partner likes English food?
    13. Would you mind telling me how did you get here?
    14. Why do you make us be here so early?
    15. Do you have to wear a uniform when you are on duty?
    16. Do either the Training Division or the police stations have a kindergarten?
    17. Can you give me a piece of advice to pass the exam?

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