Kindly indicate whether the following sentences are correct grammatically:

1. We are serious about bringing the standard of extreme sports in the country to global levels.
2. Common,give it up for the Asian Games.

3. Crowds of over 92,000 in total attendance clearly shows that the Youth Programme knows what excites the new breed of young Malaysians.
4. " Every time I see him out there, I cheer out loud for him", said Jane.
5. "I know the park there is bigger and I want to skate all around there so bad", said the excited skater.
6. Match the correct alphabets to the icons below.
7. City stadium was filled with adoring fans, good music and champion skateboarders, aggressive inline skaters and bicycle stunt riders.
8. The Asian Games and Junior ASEAN Games hosted by Malaysia in February 2004, returned to Kuala Lumpur for their third annual staging and this time, it went indoors at Penang Stadium, Penang.

9. Nancy is engrossing in a draft of United Magazine.

10. Stay in New York hotel or stay in the New York hotel .Can we omit "the" ?

Thanks you English experts out there.