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    Journal writting

    Hi how r your my dear teachers could u help me to learn jornal writting
    i enjoyed an english learning course and my teacher aked me to write journal without explaning it for us pleas help me i need it tonight thanx

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    Re: Journal writting

    A journal is similar to a diary; it is a "book" (you can buy commercially made journals, or just use a plain notebook like you use for school) in which you write down your thoughts, your feelings, whatever comes to mind. Make sure to write the date on each page when you make an entry, so that when you look back after several months you can see your writing progress. (You'll also see some funny things, like making an entry early in your journal about a guy that you see every day in school and loved from afar, but he never noticed you, which broke your heart.....and now, six months later when you re-read that entry, you can't even remember his name.)

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