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    tax heaven

    Hi, can you help me, what does it mean " to base oneself in" I only found it with on, is this correct?
    "They choose to base themselves in a tax heaven."

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    Re: tax heaven

    If individuals, they have chosen to go and live in a tax haven - somewhere where taxes are minimal or they are protected from paying taxes. If a company, they have their registered company address in such a place for the same reason.

    Tax heaven - something our Chancellor of the Exchequer is always looking for

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    Re: tax heaven

    It's 'tax haven': Tax haven - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. People who base themselves in a tax haven [a country where there are low/no taxes - such as the Cayman Islands] live there for a certain time each year, and tell the tax authorities in their real home that they are now 'based in' the tax haven.

    A haven is a harbour (as in Le Havre, in France). A 'tax haven' shelters people from the rough winds of taxation. I suppose, because 'haven' is a fairly uncommon word, and some people might regard being in a haven as heavenly, the expression 'tax heaven' may be used occasionally; is a domain name, which I think accounts for a lot of the Google hits for the phrase.


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