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    Exclamation Grammar

    Hello! I have some quetions about grammar. If this is not the correct forum for my questions, please let me know it.

    1st: I read an article and I realized these phrases: "Company are... and restaurant are..." (both were in different parts of the article and were not together) I dont understand because for me the correct form is "Company is and restaurant is..." If Im wrong, please explain me, maybe the explanation is very easy and I know that my question is a basic one, but now Im confused about verb to be

    2nd: Id like to know what is the best preposition for the word concerned, because I have heard concerned about and concerned with, I appreciate if you can give me some examples.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Grammar

    1 Collective nouns are very often used with a plural verb in British English, while American Engish tends to use the singular, so you will find both forms used and they are correct.

    2 concerned with = involves concerned about = worried

    1 A04 too crude a generalisation, though, to say that critics are concerned with form, while historians are interested in the context of art
    2 A04 less frequent in painting, which in the past was largely concerned with reproducing external reality, with decoration, or, as in
    3 A04 has had some distinguished advocates, some of whom have been concerned with the transformation over time of one form to another; others
    4 A04 China, has caused the artist in Japan to be more concerned with the strength of outline than with the subtleties of depth sought
    5 A04 him, Eugne Delacroix. Delacroix's journal is articulate, concerned with other arts as well as painting, besides containing much comment on contemporary
    6 A04 which may be the specialities of writers who are only occasionally concerned with art. Thematic articles are likely to be found in two
    7 A05 or may not, in any given case, be directly concerned with the facts of the author's own life. It is
    8 A05 carefully transcribed in fidelity to his broad Scots, and largely concerned with the long-since of his early days. A story that would
    9 A06 happens in an actual rehearsal, since it is much more concerned with the technical means of presenting a character. And class work

    1 A03 peaceful political views Write to: Tell the King that you are concerned about the case of Mohamed Srifi, currently in Kenitra Central Prison
    2 A0C with a turnover of between 100,000 and 1m, 54% were concerned about the impact of the UBR. "General opinion is that
    3 A0C English Tourist Board (ETB) spokeswoman said the board was concerned about the charges, particularly because of problems experienced by overseas visitors.
    4 A0J . Your doctor wants to help you. If you are concerned about the provision of any part of the health services in your
    5 A10 report states amongst its main conclusions: "We are profoundly concerned about the length of some waiting times first non-urgent outpatient appointments which
    6 A10 with county councils. Council tenants were generally satisfied but were concerned about quality and speed of repairs, with 49% finding them too
    7 A11 mileage, at the end most of the sectors were more concerned about how to handle their increasing traffic. As financial results improved
    8 A15 kind of amendment to that policy. "We are also concerned about arrangements made by individuals or organisations like outdoor centres negotiating their
    9 A17 I'd like to apologise most sincerely to everyone who was concerned about the advert for the electronic training collar in our July issue

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    Re: Grammar

    concerned with = involves concerned about = worried

    Thanks! I didn't understand because I've been studying English with American Teachers. Regarding "concerned" I think that now I get it, I have a clearer idea. Thank you!

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    Re: Grammar

    I got the exmaples from this site- [DAVIES] Variation in English Words and Phrases (VIEW)
    It's an excellent source of real examples of usage.

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