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    Smile Correct answer

    I would like to ask you if this following answers is correct in grammar especially the underlined words

    1. The famous historical event in my country is the EDSA revolution.

    2.A restaurant or a cafe that I have been to is the Pizza Hut

    3. A teacher who has greatly influenced me in my education is Mrs. Jane Smith

    4. A friend who has had a major influence on me is Mr. John Smith

    5. A friend who is very close to me is John Smith

    6. A typical day in my life when I was a child is every morning

    7. A professional athlete that I admire in some way is Michael Jordan

    8. A memorable experience I have during my first flight is during my vacation in Singapore

    9. The person whom Ilike to work with is John Smith

    10. A friend that I really like to spend time with is John Smith

    11. A garden that I have had been to is The Botanical Garden

    12. A classmate I admire in some way is John Smith

    13. A job that I have had done is staff nurse

    14. A country that I would like to live in is in the United States of America

    15. A child that I know that is special for me is John Smith


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    Re: Correct answer

    1 should be 'most famous' or 'a famous'
    2 no article
    6 makes no sense
    8 tenses are wrong
    14 repeated preposition

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